Wedding visitor list etiquette varies broadly, but a common principle is that „whoever pays gets a say“. That means that if your kids or your coming in- laws are contributing to the wedding, they have some degree of veto strength over the last tourist matter. Countless couples come up with a target number for the whole wedding and split it into thirds- one next for their friends and family, one fourth for each partner’s family to encourage whomever they want, and another fourth for guests to bring a plus- one.

Start with the definites/non- negotiables ( or A- record, or your must- invite group ). These are folks who you would be disappointed to not have at your chinese girl wedding. For some couples, this is their instant family, or adjacent companions, for some, it may be extended family like aunts, uncles and primary nephews.

Following, consider if anyone who gave you a gift needs to be invited. While it’s great to been remembered by your friends and family, a thank- you note is usually enough.

Next look at the rest of your listing. Do you have room for everyone on your wish list, or is it time to reduce the B- checklist? This is the time to be honest with yourself, and if you ca n’t accommodate everyone on your list due to budget or venue space limitations, it’s best to save that spot for someone else.